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$ WoW server (9/3/2008)
Hello, this is the account creation page for  Private server for World of Warcraft.

Here is some an advertising

Who is intressted in a server Cap lvl 225 much commands Three Super cool custom vendors and 50 customitems in total! and xp rate is very high and also Reputation rate is incredible... 1 quest = Exalted, GM Island is an open mall for playerrs and gms and much more ! What? What did u said? DID U SAID RULEZ? HELL NO!!! TOHELL WITH RULES! Do what ever you want! Hack Jump Fall Fly Who Da Hell Cares!?! Send an account creation mail to This must contain Pass Name E-mail and if u are TBC Avaible!


P.S. We are looking for Admins and GMS, Join now and be a GM! Get more people on this server and become a power full ADMIN!
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